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Zotero: Collaborate

Learn how to cite your references with Zotero, a free citation tool.

How To Create & Use Groups

Types Of Groups

There are three types of groups you can create in Zotero, depending on who you want to share the content with. 

Private Groups

This is a private collaboration among members that is not open to group searches or online search engines. Only group members invited to join can see the group's page. Private groups do not appear on group member's public profiles. 

Public, Closed Membership Groups

This setting is has a public presence, but people may only join the group by invitation. Group administrators can open the group library to the public, or keep it private. Administrators can also enable file sharing among group members.

Public, Open Membership Groups

These groups are open to the public for collaboration. Anyone can join. There is no file sharing capability with public, open groups.

Create Groups To Share Your Resources

Create groups in Zotero to collaborate with just one other person, or as many as you'd like; there's no limit to how many users can be included in a group. You can share notes, bibliographies, discussion threads, and more within the group. Zotero groups can be set to either public or private.

There are two ways to create a group: 

1. If you're using the Zotero Firefox add-on, open it and then click on the group icon in the top left corner of the add-on. 

2. If you're using Zotero's online version, go to the Groups tab and then click on Create New Group.