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Theatre Arts: Books & eBooks

Finding Plays

Plays are generally published either individually or in collections.

Individual plays may be searched by title, by author, or a combination of both elements.

  • Example: "Tropic of Capricorn" by Henry Miller
  • Example: "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles, ed. by...

Collections of plays by a single author are best searched by the author's name.

  • Example: Checkhov, Anton. "Short plays"
  • Example: Moliere. "One-act comedies"

Collections of plays by multiple authors are generally cataloged by the title of the published collection.

  • Example: "Humana Festival 2009: The Complete Plays"
  • Example: "New Playwrights: The Best Plays of 1999"

Plays can also be searched by "genre" type (subject). Examples:

  • comedies
  • drama - 20th century
  • Greek drama (tragedy)
  • monologues
  • one-act plays
  • plays - collections
  • tragedies

Find Plays in Collections & Journals

The following resources are useful for locating plays in collections and journals.

  • Monologues: Published collections of monologues may be found in the Library of Congress classification: PN2080. These and additional monologues may be search in the HPU Libraries catalog with the subject "Monologues," narrowing search results further by topic qualifiers (see left hand column of screen display).

Key Theatre Arts Information Sources

Find Books & Other Materials

Browse library shelves in the following call number ranges

GT 510 Costume PN 2171-2179 Renaissance theater
GV 1580-1799.3 Dancing PN 2181-2193 Modern theater
PN 2000-3307 Dramatic representation. The theater. PN 2219.3-3030 Special regions or countries
PN 2061-2071 Art of acting PN 3035 The Jewish theater
PN 2071 Monologues PN 3151-3171 Amateur theater
PN 2085-2091 Stage and accessories. Stage design. PN 3175-3191 College and school theatricals
PN 2131-2145 Ancient theater PN 3203-3299 Tableaux, pageants, "Happenings," etc.
PN 2152-2160 Medieval theater TT 507 Costume Design