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Research Skills

The Research Process

This Research Guide provides a roadmap of the research process and offers guidance on approaching each step. The steps listed are non-linear, as research is a process, as you may need to backtrack and recalibrate as you go along and uncover information.

Navigate the guide through the tabs on the left side of the page to go to a specific research step.

This guide is designed to assist students taking WRI courses, though these research steps apply across disciplines, subjects, and levels.

How to Get Help

Get Help from Your Professor

Your professor can help you understand assignment guidelines and expectations. They may also make suggestions about how to approach your assignment.

Check your course syllabus to find the best way to contact your professor.

Find your syllabus

Get Help from a Librarian

Librarians help primarily with the research involved in crafting your assignment. This includes choosing and narrowing a topic, finding resources, and using resources ethically.

Get Help from a Tutor

Tutors at the Center for Academic Success (CAS) help primarily with completing your assignment. This includes help with writing or otherwise crafting your work, and providing suggestions on how to improve your work.

Meet with a tutor