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Natural Sciences: Science Collection Management Project 2020-2021

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Guides Help and Quick Links

To view guides within a specific subject area:

Click on By Subject in the gray box, near the top of the page.  Click on the appropriate subject to view the guides available.

To view a specific guide, by name:

To view an alphabetical list of all guides, click on All Guides in the gray box.  You may also search for a guide by typing your keyword(s) in the search box.

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Click on By Type in the gray box.  Available types: Course Guide, Tips & Tools, Subject Guide, and Topics & Events.

About This Page

This page has information about instructions and procedures on how faculty members can request print books and print periodicals, which have been selected for deselecting, to add to their own collection. HPU faculty members are welcome to request print books and print periodicals by following the instructions outlined below.

Deselected Books


If you would like any of the weeded titles for your personal collection, please:

  • Click on the appropriate Google Spreadsheet link,
    • Atherton Deselection List (Print Periodical/ Agriculture &Aquaculture/  Biological/ Chemistry/ Earth/ Physical/ Math & computer/ Engineering/ Science, General)
  • Click the Print Periodical tab or a subject tab you’re interested in.
  • In the Faculty Member column, enter your name (Last, First)
  • In the Contact Information column, enter your email address (one time only)
  • All requests should be done by 3/31/21.

Reason Codes:

  • Currency
    • includes outdated information, missing crucial developments in the field since the item's publication, superseded by a new edition or more authoritative treatment of the subject is available
  • Condition
    • damaged and cannot be repaired, or is in too poor a condition to remain in the collection
  • Duplication
    • available in electronic format or as a non-circulating multiple copy
  • Quality 
    • content of the work is out of date or out of scope, including introductory or basic texts and primers whose content is dated
  • Relevance
    • no longer supports the curriculum of the university
  • Usage
    • comparatively low usage or a non-circulating item
  • Open Access
    • available online in an open access forum or government web portal 

*Important Dates to Remember*

  • 3/31/21  Deadline for Faculty to Request
  • 4/30/21 Deadline to Pick up Requested Books

* The claimed books that are not picked up by 4/30/21 will be discarded without further notices.